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Exhibits Early Rally but Hesistates

Overall, the market exhibits a stronger inclination towards upward movement rather than downward pressure. 

The GBP/JPY showcased an early rally during Wednesday’s session but displayed signs of hesitation as the market awaits clarity on risk appetite. It is crucial to recognize that the current trend for this currency pair is parabolic, which presents traders with a couple of options to consider.

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The first option is the likelihood of a pullback to provide traders with an opportunity to enter the market at a more favorable level. Potential support could be found around the ¥177.50 level, or even as low as the ¥175 level. The ¥175 level represents the starting point of the recent parabolic run, and a complete retracement to this level could entice buyers to participate, driven by the fear of missing out (“FOMO”).

The second option entails the possibility of sideways price action. In this scenario, the market would establish a short-term range, potentially utilizing the ¥180 level as a support level. If this transpires, it provides traders with time to assess whether a consolidation phase is underway. Consequently, there is no immediate urgency to enter into positions for this currency pair.

  • Should the market continue to surge without a significant pullback, traders can employ this chart as a secondary indicator alongside another Japanese yen-denominated pair.
  • For instance, identifying an underperforming pair such as USD/JPY and initiating long positions in that particular pair could be a viable strategy.
  • However, it is essential to bear in mind that the Bank of England is set to announce an interest rate decision on Thursday. This event will likely attract considerable attention from traders and may contribute to a potential pullback, thereby offering value opportunities in this currency pair.

Overall, the market exhibits a stronger inclination towards upward movement rather than downward pressure. Consequently, shorting this market proves to be a challenging endeavor. Instead, traders should focus on identifying potential value points or prepare for potential consolidation in the near term.

At the end of the day, the British pound witnessed an early rally on Wednesday but displayed caution as uncertainties loomed over risk appetite. Traders are presented with two options: a potential pullback to attractive levels or a sideways consolidation phase. Traders must exercise patience and closely monitor the Bank of England’s interest rate decision, as it may contribute to market fluctuations. Shorting this market remains challenging due to the prevailing upward pressure. Traders should seek value opportunities or anticipate potential consolidation periods in the future.


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