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The Dragon Continues to Roar


  • During the Friday trading session, the British pound staged an impressive rally, showcasing a parabolic surge.
  • The Bank of Japan remains committed to maintaining loose monetary policies, which explains the continued weakness of the Japanese yen.
  • Conversely, the Bank of England is grappling with high inflation, creating upward pressure on the British pound. It is worth noting that the market has witnessed a series of substantial candlesticks, indicating a highly impulsive environment.

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However, due to the Bank of Japan’s unwavering stance, it is nearly impossible to consider shorting this market. While it is true that the market appears overstretched, it is only a matter of time before buyers reenter the scene, capitalizing on the perceived affordability of British pounds. It is crucial to acknowledge that the ¥175 level is a significant support level, although it represents a decline of over 600 pips at the time of writing.

Looking ahead, I anticipate the market to eventually target the ¥185 level, and there is even potential for a longer-term ascent towards ¥200. Nevertheless, caution is warranted in the current circumstances, as we have already witnessed a 600-pip surge in the span of a week. Therefore, exercising patience and waiting for a favorable opportunity to enter long positions at lower levels is prudent. Attempting to sell in such a bullish market is a futile endeavor. Consequently, we can expect a multitude of market participants to attempt to chase upward momentum. However, astute traders will recognize the importance of waiting for a reasonable valuation before getting involved. Pursuing the market at its current elevated levels is an invitation to financial losses.

In the end, the British pound experienced a substantial rally during the Friday trading session, propelled by a parabolic move. The Bank of Japan’s commitment to loose monetary policies continues to weigh on the Japanese yen. Conversely, the Bank of England grapples with inflationary pressures, bolstering the strength of the British pound. The market’s impulsive nature makes shorting a daunting prospect, given the Bank of Japan’s stance. Although the market may appear overstretched, buyers are likely to reenter the market at lower levels. The ¥175 level serves as a significant support, despite representing a notable decline. A future target of ¥185 and the possibility of reaching ¥200 exist, but chasing the market at current levels is ill-advised. Patience is key, as astute traders await an opportune moment to enter long positions. Engaging in selling endeavors within this bullish environment is an exercise in futility, with value-based strategies being the preferred approach.


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