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USD Gains Strength Against Japanese Yen


Conditions are aligning for the classic “carry trade” to play out in this currency pair.

  • The US dollar experienced an initial decline during Thursday’s trading session but quickly reversed course, demonstrating signs of strength.
  • As a result, the market continues to exhibit significant upside momentum, with the potential for further gains.
  • Currently, the US dollar is nearing the crucial ¥140 level, and it appears that upward pressure will persist as the interest rate differential continues to diverge between these currencies.

The yen is a popular asset during turbulent times.

Beneath the surface, the ¥138 level previously acted as resistance, representing the top of a substantial ascending triangle formation. Now that the breakout from the triangle has occurred, the measured move suggests a potential rise to the ¥148 level, although achieving this target would require time. Overall, I anticipate an eventual impulsive upward move in this market, accompanied by periodic pullbacks that traders can exploit as opportunities to enter at favorable prices. While volatility is expected, the fundamentals strongly support an upward trajectory for an extended period.

The Bank of Japan remains committed to yield curve control, maintaining rates at or below 50 basis points for the 10-year Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs). Accomplishing this objective necessitates the printing of Japanese yen to purchase these bonds. As long as this currency influx persists, it is only logical that we continue to witness a significant rise in the US dollar against the yen. Moreover, with the Federal Reserve maintaining a relatively tight monetary policy while the Bank of Japan adopts a looser approach, conditions are aligning for the classic “carry trade” to play out in this currency pair. This pattern has occurred repeatedly in the past and appears to be setting up once again.

Traders should be prepared for heightened volatility as the US dollar asserts its strength against the Japanese yen. While short-term fluctuations may occur, the broader trend points towards further appreciation. However, it is crucial to carefully monitor market developments and exercise prudent risk management strategies.

At the end of the day, the US dollar’s recent performance against the Japanese yen indicates growing strength and upward momentum. With the potential to breach the crucial ¥140 level, the currency pair shows promising signs for continued appreciation. The fundamentals, including interest rate differentials and the carry trade opportunity, strongly favor further gains for the US dollar. Nonetheless, traders must remain cautious, adapting to market fluctuations and managing risk effectively to capitalize on the potential opportunities presented by this dynamic currency pair.

USD/JPY chart

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