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Market Continues to Slide, Albeit Slowly

It is important to consider that many traders currently view precious metals as a means of protecting their wealth. In this environment, the concept of “cheap silver” becomes relevant, as it presents an opportunity for traders. 

The silver market has been displaying strong support in its current range, indicating a likelihood of continued back-and-forth price action. Currently, the market is hovering around the 38.2% Fibonacci level, a key technical indicator that tends to attract attention. Additionally, the $23.40 area, marked by the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA), presents a significant level of resistance. However, if silver manages to break above this level, it could open up a path toward the $25 level. It is worth noting that the $25 level holds psychological significance, suggesting a potential short-term ceiling. Should silver surpass this level, it would confirm the continuation of its overall upward trajectory.


On the downside, a break below the $23.50 level would likely increase downward pressure, potentially leading to a move toward the 200-Day EMA. The 200-Day EMA is located just below the $23 level, providing an additional layer of potential support. Furthermore, the 50% Fibonacci level coincides with this area, strengthening the argument for a potential bounce.

It is important to consider that many traders currently view precious metals as a means of protecting their wealth. In this environment, the concept of “cheap silver” becomes relevant, as it presents an opportunity for traders. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the silver market can be highly volatile, even under favorable conditions. Proper position sizing is essential to manage risk effectively. On the other hand, if the market gains strong momentum in a trader’s favor, it may be appropriate to add to the position and capitalize on potential profits. Nonetheless, caution should always be exercised when trading silver, given its propensity for volatility.

  • Looking ahead, the silver market appears poised for a potential resurgence of momentum. With ongoing support, resistance levels to overcome, and the psychological significance of the $25 level, market participants should closely monitor price action.
  • While recognizing the potential opportunity presented by “cheap silver,” traders must remain cautious due to the market’s inherent volatility.
  • The ability to capitalize on favorable price movements while managing risk is crucial. Overall, the silver market is showing signs of impending momentum, and traders should stay vigilant to capitalize on potential trading opportunities.

TL;DR: the silver market currently experiences strong support within its range. Attention is focused on the 38.2% Fibonacci level, while the $23.40 area acts as resistance. Breaking above this resistance level could signal further upside potential toward the $25 level. Conversely, a breakdown below the $23.50 level may increase downward pressure, with potential support from the 200-Day EMA and the 50% Fibonacci level. Traders should consider silver as an opportunity within the context of wealth protection while remaining mindful of its volatility. With momentum expected to enter the picture once again, monitoring market developments is crucial for successful trading strategies.


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