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Takes Off Against the Yen


While the market appears to be in a strong position to continue punishing the Japanese yen, it is not certain that this will happen immediately. 

  • On Friday, the GBP/JPY rallied significantly, reaching the ¥170 level.
  • This is a large, round, and psychologically significant figure that many traders will be monitoring closely.
  • While the market has been strong, it has also been choppy, leading some investors to wonder if the rally will continue.

The yen is a popular asset during turbulent times.

However, the Japanese have reiterated their desire for yield curve control, indicating that the yen may continue to suffer against other currencies, particularly those that are experiencing significant monetary tightening. If the British pound can break above the ¥170 level, it is likely to continue to gain against the Japanese yen. Investors should anticipate that pullbacks now will continue to be bought, and if the currency pair is so close to the ¥170 level, a certain amount of profit-taking may occur.

Despite the potential for a short-term pullback, it is not advisable to short this market. The momentum is so clear to the upside that it is difficult to imagine a scenario in which traders would feel comfortable shorting the currency pair. Unless the Bank of Japan significantly changes its monetary policy, it is unlikely that the market will break down significantly. The ¥167 level is probably supported, and the ¥165 level is certainly supportive. Moreover, the 50-Day EMA is near the ¥165 level and is approaching the level, indicating that there is ample support in that area.

While the market appears to be in a strong position to continue punishing the Japanese yen, it is not certain that this will happen immediately. The candlestick seen on Friday very rarely occurs in a vacuum, and it would not be surprising if some traders start taking profits heading into the weekend, reducing their risk.

Overall, the British pound against the Japanese yen is in a strong position and appears likely to continue its upward trend. However, traders should remain cautious as there are always risks in the currency markets. Traders should follow a well-defined strategy and focus on risk management to mitigate any potential losses.

The market’s outlook for the British pound against the Japanese yen is positive, but the situation remains fluid, and investors should remain vigilant. There are many variables at play, such as monetary policies, political developments, and economic indicators, that could impact the currency pair’s future. As such, investors must closely monitor the market and react accordingly to any new developments.

Ultimately, the market for the British pound against the Japanese yen looks set to continue its upward trend, but it is impossible to predict the future with certainty. Investors should focus on developing a sound strategy and exercising risk management to maximize their chances of success in the currency markets.

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