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Hanging Around in the Same Area

By staying vigilant and employing risk management, traders can navigate the natural gas market and potentially profit from it – if they aren’t too greedy.

  • The natural gas market saw a bit of positivity during the latest trading session, with value hunting at the bottom of the major consolidation area.
  • As we head into the warmer months in the northern hemisphere, demand for natural gas drops, making it easier for producers to supply.
  • This makes range-bound trading systems one of the best ways to trade natural gas during this time.

The 50-Day EMA currently sits just below the $2.50 level and is starting to drift lower, presenting technical resistance. Above that, the $3.00 level offers significant resistance as recent sellers have jumped back into the market when they reach that level. This suggests that the market is likely to trade within this range throughout the warmer months. Even if the market were to break down below the $2.00 level, there is still technical support at the $1.80 level, indicating a support zone.

While the market is not likely to move very quickly, cyclicality dictates that by the end of the summer, Europe will need to start refilling its natural gas tanks as the conflict in Ukraine continues. With Russian gas all but nonexistent for that part of the world, Europeans will look to the LNG markets and import from the United States to make up for supply issues. This could potentially impact the natural gas market and should be watched closely by traders.

It’s important to keep in mind that natural gas markets are subject to a variety of factors beyond just supply and demand. Geopolitical tensions, economic conditions, and even weather patterns can all have an impact on the market. For instance, a hot summer in the United States could increase demand for natural gas as more people turn to air conditioning, potentially leading to a rise in prices.

Traders should stay vigilant and keep an eye on key technical levels and indicators, as well as global events that could impact on the natural gas market. Range-bound trading systems may be an effective strategy during the warmer months, but it’s important to be flexible and adjust to changing market conditions.

Ultimately, the natural gas market is poised for range-bound trading during the warmer months in the northern hemisphere. Traders should be mindful of technical resistance levels, potential supply issues in Europe, and other factors that could impact on the market. By staying vigilant and employing risk management, traders can navigate the natural gas market and potentially profit from it – if they aren’t too greedy.

Natural Gas Chart

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